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Ethiopia - a land of culture

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Ethiopia - a land of discoveries

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Ethiopia - a land of adventures

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Ethiopia - a land rich in natural treasures


Feel like uncovering new stories? Beautiful stories, preserved cultures, warmhearted people, abundant nature and breathtaking landscapes are awaiting for you! Sphere Tour & Travel will take you to Ethiopia to explore a destination full of emotions.

It’s been over ten years now that we’ve been sharing our passion for this gem of a country – Ethiopia. For over a decade we’ve been enabling our clients to undertake authentic journeys, full of discoveries, new encounters and exchanges that have led us to establish sincere relationships and even to develop great friendships. Our goal has always been the same: to make you discover Ethiopia, to allow you to meet with the people who live there, to reveal the country’s cultural wealth – to let you, for the duration of an escapade, enjoy a very unique human experience. Those ten years of passion have granted Sphere Tour & Travel its privileged position. Today we are an unmissable benchmark for making you discover the “Cradle of Humankind”, its culture and its fascinating history.

Ten years of experience translate into a solid guarantee of reliability, expertise and professionalism that we put at your disposal: our impeccable knowledge of the land, our close ties with the local communities, French and English-speaking travel guides, a large fleet of vehicles in perfect condition and a constant commitment for ethical tourism.

Whether you are a travel agency or an individual traveller (together with a partner, family or friends…) do not hesitate to submit your Ethiopia travel plans with your chosen dates and we will compose an itinerary that suits you, in accordance with your tastes, your wishes and your budget – your tailor-made travel!

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With its elevated Abyssinian plateaus isolated by 25 over 4000-meter summits, its lengthy savannahs dotted with acacias, its salt and lava volcanoes, its Great Rift Valley lakes populated by a multitude of birds species and its powerful rivers, Ethiopia will amaze you by its colourful diversity. But the most moving are doubtless the people who have been shaping the land for centuries: the Amharas, the Oromos, the Afar, the Mursi, the Hamar, the Borana… Orthodox, muslim or animist - Ethiopia constitutes an astonishing spiritual shelter for many religions… This diversity keeps surprising and delighting visitors who have to learn to understand their common identity, beyond the regional disparities.

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In 2015 Ethiopia has been elected World’s Best Tourist Destination by the European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT). Ethiopia has never been colonised and thus not only is it a country of exceptional culture, but it is also remarkable for its great sites: the Ruins of Axum, the city of Harar, the Lalibela rock-hewn churches, the Lower Valley of the Awash or the Simien Mountains National Park… So many wonders listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage.

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Ethiopia - a land of culture

Thousands of years of Ethiopian history encompass a diversity and riches that remain largely unknown to many western travellers. Never colonised, for centuries the land has remained safe from external influences, which makes its culture far from being typical for Africa. You won’t find any other place on the continent with such a cultural mosaic.

Ethiopia - a land of unparalleled diversity

Ethiopia is more than 80 different cultures, more that 200 dialects, 6 climate regimes ranging from desert areas to high mountains, not to mention Orthodox, Islamic and Animalistic influences. The extreme diversity of this mythical land will keep astonishing you.

Ethiopia - a land rich in natural treasures

Ethiopia will surprise you by its wildlife and its most abundant vegetation. It is actually the continent’s most biodiversified country (in regards to its fauna, flora, ecosystems…). This biodiversity is characterised by endemism: a very high pourcentage of vegetal and animal species in Ethiopia are endemic. Their number amounts to a few hundred species.

Ethiopia - a land of favorable weather

Thanks to Ethiopia’s topography and geographical situation, the weather in the country is favorable to an all year long tourism. From October to March the sun is pretty much guaranteed every day and the temperature remains pleasant in all areas of the country. A weak raining season occurs from April to June, then from July to September the highlands endure a rainy season while the South benefits from an ideal weather.

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